Proteomics Shared Resource

Director: R. Reid Townsend, MD, PhD
Web site:

The Proteomics Shared Resource provides cancer center members with preferred access to current and innovative proteomics technologies for molecular profiling of clinical samples and for basic cancer research. The Proteomics Shared Resource is a cooperative effort between the Siteman Cancer Center and the Washington University Department of Medicine. The facility is open to all Washington University investigators, with priority access given to cancer center members.

The responsibilities of the Proteomics Shared Resource include:

  • Providing global differential protein expression data on biological fluids, leukemias and solid tumors.
  • Providing consultation on sample preparation and coordinating biostatistical-based experimental design.
  • Archiving and retrieval of proteomics data for iterative analysis using protein informatics tools.
  • Integration of proteomics data with other functional genomics data for cross queries through common data portals (in collaboration with Siteman’s Bioinformatics and Multiplexed Gene Analysis cores).

Jim Malone, shared resource supervisor
Alan Davis, senior research technician
Petra Gilmore, research technician
Marji Case, research technician

PRICING: Please contact the shared resource for current pricing of services offered.

LOCATION: Southwest Tower, Room 721.

TO ACCESS: Call 314-286-2452

As of April 7, 2008, the NIH requires investigators with a publication using Siteman (or other NIH-funded) shared resources to submit (or have submitted for them) their final, peer reviewed manuscripts to PubMed Central(PMC) upon acceptance of publication, to be made publicly available within 12 months of publication. Many journals automatically submit these for authors, but Washington University also has assistance available through the Becker Medical Library. Please see or more information.

PUBLICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: If research supported by the Proteomics Shared Resource results in publication, please acknowledge this support by including the following in your publication(s):

We thank the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center at Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital in St. Louis, Mo., for the use of the Proteomics Shared Resource, which provided __________ service. The Siteman Cancer Center is supported in part by an NCI Cancer Center Support Grant #P30 CA91842.